Fourth Gen 1993-02

  • Strange Front Brake Kit
    1. Upgrade to a lightweight front brake kit for better launches and 60ft times. (Pricing coming soon)

  • Rear Control Arms
    1. Designed as a direct replacement for factory stamped control arms these 4130 Chromoly round tube control arms come complete with 3 piece chromoly rod ends and will eliminate the flex associated with stock units Also includes a 4130 Chromoly panhard rod also with 3 piece rod ends.(Pricing coming soon)

  • Torque Arm Kit
    1. This kit replaces your stock stamped factory torque arm with a 4130 Chromoly round tube replacement. A new adjustable torque arm mount will enable you to dial in your suspension while connecting your torque arm to the chassis not your transmission. Also includes an integral driveshaft loop for added safety. (Pricing coming soon)

  • Wheelie Bar Kit
    1. This kit combines our 50” wheelie bars with brackets designed to retain your stock style suspension and necessary sheet metal to modify the trunk well.  Fabrication and welding required. (Pricing coming soon)

  • Bolt-In GM 12-Bolt Rear Axle Assemblies
    1. When your stock axle assembly can no longer handle the power you’re trying to put through it upgrade to the best with one of our Bolt –In 12 bolt GM assemblies. Available as a bare housing or complete assembly each unit has all of the factory style brackets fully welded tubes and is ready to bolt in. It can even use your factory drum brakes with some modification. Complete assemblies include 33 spline Strange axles, all new bearings, posi-unit, your choice of gear ratio, 1350 series yoke, cross-over u-joint, u-bolts, chrome cover, and Lucas Oil. When combined with our torque arm and control arm kits, you’ll have a suspension system ready for anything.
      1. Housing w/ 33 Spline Axles $1495.00
      2. Complete Assembly $2479.00
      3. Upgrade to Aluminum Support cover $115.00

  • Anti-Roll Bar Kit
    1. Designed to be used with a stock type suspension our anti-roll bar kits will give you straighter more consistent launches and 60 ft. times. (Pricing coming soon)